Captcha farming, it exists !

Cette semaine, c'est Nicolas qui vous propose un #TalkOfTheWeek !

I recently discover DataDome, a bot protection vendor. They use AI and Machine Learning, to detect ans block a maximum of bot attacks in real time. They have a nice Youtube channel on various security flows. My talk is from their channel.

About Captchas, they are widely used as a basic bot protection measure. But they’re not immune to bots. For example, some advanced Captcha-solving bots rely on artificial intelligence for automated image or audio recognition. But another, increasingly common strategy relies on Captcha farms (or sweatshops). It's a service that bot developers can query via an API, and where pools of human workers are solving Captcha challenges for $2 a day.

The talk present some solutions and of course put in light their product. In my own opinion it's realy important to know the limit of each solutions and keep monitoring potential flows of your security.

  • Nom du Talk : Are captcha sure ?
  • Niveau : beginner
  • Langue : fr